Karma Gushiken



Karma is tall for his age, he is only 19/20, slight and well dressed. He has a lot of red hair and a murderous rage.

Do not under estimate him – he is a genius, he was top of the school for years – that’s why he was allowed to continue for as long as he did…


Expelled for murdering a bully, Karma has turned to other means to make ends meet….

Before sending his threatening note to Headmaster Aki Kiminobu Karma was last rumored to be working at Ishiro Teshima, a chemical production firm, based out near the harbor

Upon further inspection of the company you will find that project X has been operating under the radar – with G Kushiken as the lead scientist on board….. if this legit, or are those letters a little too close for comfort……


I know what you are up to. I will end you, and Yama no Gakkō. I have been working on a cure for your type and the solution is final. I will tear down everything you have built up, and unless you and your genius students can stop me, I’ll eventually end the world.

You will never again doubt my capabilities


Karma Gushiken

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